At sixteen Drew McMillan meets two great men, President Abraham Lincoln, and the president’s spymaster, Allan Pinkerton. Pinkerton takes a shine to his fellow Scotsman and makes Drew his messenger. So begins Drew McMillan’s Pinkerton career, but it’s not until he is 24 years old that his boss believes he is ready for his first solo case file.

Little does Drew realize that Argent, the first of the Drew McMillan Case Files will take him on a long journey, require hard work, put him in great danger, and cause him terrible heartbreak.

Join the young Pinkerton as his most dangerous cases take him all over the wildest parts of America in the hunt for the newly reunified nation’s most despicable criminals.


Civil war veteran, Drew McMillan is looking for a purpose. When he meets Allan Pinkerton he knows he has found it. Joining the Pinkerton National Detective Agency Drew expects to be in the thick of the action at Pinkerton's Chicago headquarters, instead he is sent to Missouri and the rough and ready City of Kansas. Disappointed at being back-watered McMillan resents his new boss, Bonner Rickman giving him cold cases. Drew's only consolation is his love for Amy Lind. But when disaster strikes and Drew has a breakdown that threatens his career it is Rickman's insistence that his young operative goes to Arizona on a missing person case that proves to be life changing for Drew McMillan.  


Fresh from his first solo case in Arizona, Drew McMillan is ordered to San Francisco by Allan Pinkerton. The case is urgent. Drew arrives to find his case is already dead in the water. But he's not a man to give up easily. His investigation reveals heartbreak, heroism, and shocking truths. With the help of a renegade cop and back up from fellow Pinkertons and a pair of gentle giants, the race is on to bring a monster to justice.

Tracy Tonkinson is a crime series fiction writer. Set in 1880’s Chicago the Diamond and Doran Mysteries bring together crime, love and family saga. The Drew McMillan Case Files set in the 1870s follows the early career of a young Pinkerton Agent as he solves cases all around the newly created United States of America. Coming soon are the Grace and Favour Mysteries set in England during the 1920’s to 1930’s.

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