Before the flaming Bentley came to rest in the infield, Maxim Favour was out of his Mercedes and racing towards the wreckage. By the time he reached it a white clad figure in a crash helmet was already diving towards the unconscious driver. Between them Favour and his anonymous companion dragged the body to safety just as the Bentley exploded in a shower of  flaming debris.

A crowd had gathered around the trio to watch Favour removing the leather cap and goggles from the body in front of him. The urgent ringing of the circuit ambulance came closer as the crowd was roughly parted by a stranger with a Gladstone bag.

As Favour acknowledged the doctor at his side he caught sight of his fellow rescuer slipping into the crowd. He wanted to follow, but the doctor’s bald statement snapped him back to the problem at hand.

“He’s been shot.”

Tracy Tonkinson is a crime series fiction writer. Set in 1880’s Chicago the Diamond and Doran Mysteries bring together crime, love and family saga. The Drew McMillan Case Files set in the 1870s follows the early career of a young Pinkerton Agent as he solves cases all around the newly created United States of America. Coming soon are the Grace and Favour Mysteries set in England during the 1920’s to 1930’s.

Download your kindle eBook online now or visit Amazon to purchase your new book and start a journey into the lives of the characters of all three series. 

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