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Sergeant Billy Doran is angry. He’s just lost his best friend to the terrorist’s bomb that has decimated the Chicago Police Department. Now he’s been landed with a rookie cop to babysit while he hunts for the perpetrator. As if his workload wasn’t heavy enough he’s worried about his five motherless daughters. Who will look after them if he is killed next?
Constable Arthur Diamond may be young but, as a veteran of the Sudan campaign with the British army, he’s seen plenty of action. All he wants now is to find somewhere to belong, and to forget the trauma that cost him his entire regiment and marked him an unwilling hero awarded an unwanted Victoria Cross.
Thrown together in adversity Doran, the veteran cop and son of Ireland, and Diamond, the rookie Englishman, scarred by his war experience and looking for a place to fit in, learn that it’s their differences that bring them closer and make them a formidable team, but first they must hunt down

a madman. Follow Diamond; Doran’s partnership as they

track down and capture the worst criminals who stalk their

victims on the streets of 1880’s Chicago. Meet their friend

and Pinkerton agent, Drew McMillan. Meet the Doran

sisters and follow the family through their loves and losses.

Walk around the fastest growing city in the Midwest and

marvel at its spectacular architecture and bustling energy.
Come and join the adventure here.

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A Diamond & Doran Christmas - Lighter bo

Grieving the loss of his best friend, while covering for colleagues killed and wounded by the unknown Haymarket bomber, Sergeant Billy Doran is not a happy man.
The rookie he has thrust upon him to complicate his working and personal life only adds to his frustration, but when a madman appears from the shadows to stalk his city and endanger his own family, Doran knows he must find a way to work with his new detective if they are to catch the killer, or it will be more than the city of Chicago that will lie in ruins.


Newly promoted, Sergeant Arthur Diamond is glad of some action, when not one, but two missing person reports are made in one day. Meanwhile the station's new lieutenant, Billy Doran, has challenges of his own. As the Doran sisters prepare for Maeve's Christmas wedding Bridie surprises everyone, and at the Cook County morgue the new Coroner makes a shocking discovery. Before long all of these threads will lead Diamond home to Canada and the rest of the Doran clan to places none of them expect.


The Doran family await the birth of Mary and Niels’ first child. It should be a joyful time, but Chicago in July is scorching. Tempers flare, gang violence is rife, and a series of brutal murders throws Sergeant Arthur Diamond and Lieutenant Billy Doran right into the thick of a Chicago gang war.  But when the Cook County Coroner sees something strange about the bodies filling up his morgue, Diamond and Doran are set on a new path towards family conflict, jealousy, and heartbreak.


The snow lies deep on Chicago's streets. Every store window sparkles with the promise of the season and there is a thrill of excitement in the air. But not everyone is filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Shocking family news sends Sergeant Arthur Diamond and Lieutenant Billy Doran in opposite directions leaving their loved ones anxious that Christmas will be ruined.

In the shadows malign forces are gathering. Soon a blizzard of ice cold villainy will engulf the entire Doran family.


On the way to the biggest day of his life Sergeant Arthur Diamond and his friend, Cook County coroner Dr Enoch Watkins, are stopped in their tracks by a runaway carriage. While they attend to the casualties and witnesses of the chaos, Diamond fears their delay will derail his hard fought for plans.
At Station House Number Two Lieutenant Billy Doran is making big plans of his own. He hopes to persuade Sergeant Jerry Callaghan into his scheme, but Jerry has a strong sense of self-preservation and his first child on the way.
It may not be as easy as Doran thinks to get his son-in-law on his side.
In their new mystery follow Diamond and Doran as they unravel a web of intrigue and deaths that have their origins in a rare but deadly document.

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As the Diamond & Doran family prepare for Christmas, Billy Doran is a worried man. He believes his eldest grandchild is in mortal danger. Without solid evidence of criminal activity he can't make it a police matter and turns to his best friend, Pinkerton agent Drew McMillan, to help him uncover the truth. Meanwhile Arthur Diamond receives some devastating news that once again sends him north to Canada. In this festive short story Diamond & Doran have their work cut out for them if Christmas is to be saved.

A Diamond & Doran Christmas - Lighter bo
D&D Christmas
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Diamond & Doran, an unwanted pairing forged in the white heat of an explosion, become a solid partnership based on mutual trust and hard earned respect.

Bringing justice to the teeming streets of Chicago two men from very different worlds create an unlikely bond.

In this collection of their first three cases, Madman, Poison & Vendetta, we see them chase down kidnappers and uncover the truth behind the tragic killing, uncover the incredible story behind the disappearance of a series of young newsboys, and battle to quell gang violence to uncover the truth behind a brutal murder.

Along the way the spark of romanced uncomfortable history makes for complex personal issues for both men. Ultimately it will be their shared zeal for justice that creates and maintains a strong professional and personal relationship between two strong minded men.

With a full cast of fascinating characters and complicated plot twists The Chicago Case Files is a wild ride.



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